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This Little Boy Who Misses His Mom Is All Of Us

23 Adult Situations That'll Make You Bawl Like It's The First Day Of School

23 Adult Situations That’ll Make You Bawl Like It’s The First Day Of School

Haha. Omg.>> meeeeee especially when the pay don't normally talk to guys

This is the most accurate reaction. This is literally my face! In fact this is the face I give my friend when I see a cute guy:))


Funny pictures about First drafts of famous movie lines. Oh, and cool pics about First drafts of famous movie lines. Also, First drafts of famous movie lines.

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

Read and accept terms and conditions? Ain't nobody got time fo dat!

21 Vines That Will Make You Say “Me On Mondays”

21 Vines That Perfectly Sum Up How Mondays Feel

21 Vines That Will Make You Say “Me On Mondays”

This sketch from the late great Mad TV was one of the most heavily quoted videos throughout 2007. Long live Bon Qui Qui.

21 Of The Most Ridiculous Things That Happened On The Internet In 2007

MAD tv - Bon Qui Qui at King Burger- Throwback to after watching this 10 million times It still makes me laugh like it was the first time! I love Bon Qui Qui!

You have no tolerance for people who show up to potlucks without a substantial dish.

24 Signs You're Secretly An Old Person

"May your marinara sauce never cling to your pasta!" The worst thing you can say to a fellow Italian. Oh, Golden Girls :) A true Italian would say "I hope your GRAVY doesn't stick to your MACARONI!

From 'Full House' to 'The Row'

funny girl cute adorable food kid TV full house Olsen Twins olsen cookie michelle tanner ABC Family Mary-Kate and Ashley scrunchie

Classic Peg.  ("Claaaaasssic Peg!!")  One of my all time favorite SNL skits. =)

" My most favorite SNL skit ever! There are a lot I really enjoy, but "classic Peg" and the "target lady" take the cake for me!