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supernatural exorcism chant - Google Search

With Sherlock's son :) I like to think this is Molly's son too. Because I'm a hopeless shipper.

***SPOILER ALERT***To me, this looks like Merlin waiting for Arthur on earth and Arthur waiting to come back from Avalon, both looking out over different ends of the same Lake.<---- Well that's fine, rip out my heart again.

Tardis sounds (runs like there isn‘t a tomorrow and sees if the Doctor‘s there).

Marvel Avengers Wall art made out of 10x10 canvases and acrylic paint.

12002134_859433300874535_5285254584949968066_n.png (655×876)

//Click for gift set// Can you imagine though? Bucky so fucking pissed over what they did to him that his first reaction is to STRANGLE THE LIFE out of the gahddang scientists who did this to him. I can seriously imagine just how much trouble everyone went through in trying to break Bucky into being their perfect puppet and after 70 years, Bucky STILL wasn't entirely broken. I mean, wth, Bucky, what are you made out of??