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5 rare pics of captured British tank Matilda II "Dreadnought" with German Afrika Korps markings

Captured German 88Americans soldiers fire from a captured German 88-mm anti-tank gun PaK 43/41. It was one of the most powerful anti-tank guns of World War II.

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Matilda II Tank

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German soldiers with a "Goliath". The Goliath tracked mine was a remote controlled German-engineered demolition vehicle, also known as the beetle tank to Allies. Employed by the Wehrmacht during World War II this caterpillar-tracked vehicle carried 75–100 kilograms (170–220 lb) of high explosives and was intended to be used for multiple purposes, such as destroying tanks, disrupting dense infantry formations, and demolition of buildings and bridges. Warsaw uprising. 1944.

35 Stunning Images of Panther Tanks Knocked, Burnt, Captured and Abandoned in Normandy, you probably haven't seen before

Stunning images of T-34/76 unearthed in Ukraine "a real time capsule" | World War II Social Place

Two wrecked tanks outside the villa Sfacciata, on the road between Giogoli & Galuzzo, south of Florence, Italy. Shows a German Tiger tank from schwere Panzer-Abteilung 508, & a New Zealand Sherman tank, probably from 20th Armoured Regiment. Photograph taken on 4th August 1944 by George Kaye.

King Tiger Tank, Tiger II is the common name of a German heavy tank of the Second World War. German designation was Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf.B, The ordnance inventory designation was Sd.Kfz. 182. It is also known under the informal name Königstiger.

Jagdtiger ("Hunting Tiger") is the common name of a German heavy tank destroyer of World War II. The official German designation was Panzerjäger Tiger Ausf. B as it was based on a lengthened Tiger II chassis.

Tank Panzer VI Ausf. B Tiger II or Königstiger was the last German tank produced…