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Are you a Disney princess?>>>> I got deer kisses about 3 years ago. I also fed monkeys Cheetos

Are you a Disney princess?

True story: one time a wild (female) deer came up to me and tried to mount and hump me. Lol>>>>A DEER GOD


Metaphor: My cat is so round, it is a bowling ball. Or better, by bowling ball is so round, it is a cat.


"That's a god damn planet hopper." - "this grass hopper doesn't make cricket sounds, he plays heavy metal" BAHAHAHHA

Oh my land, I can't stop laughing... xD

Funny pictures about Cat handstand. Oh, and cool pics about Cat handstand. Also, Cat handstand.


Oh my god I'm laughing so hard ---- that very well may be my old bird.he did the same thing to my little dog abd tge dig would go up to the cage and sit there until he would get bored and walk away. Then the bird would laugh evilly at him.

Happens to me all the time.

I can wash the sheets

She needs to pee but moving in her current situation is a felony. So true!

Avian equivalent of cats! Aha, noo the cuteness though  | follow @sophieeleana

"My boss once described them as flying pillows filled with seething hatred - further confirming that owls are the avian equivalents of cats." One of my cats had a look that I called the "owl stare of death".