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Pistachio Creme Brûlée – Vegan Style [Gluten-Free]

What better dish to serve than a gorgeous spring green custard? It’s refreshing, you can make it ahead of time, impress your friends and family by torching it in front of them, and its a no-bake custard that you can whip up in no time!

Raw Cherimoya & Pistachio Custard Pudding {Fruit-Sweetened & Free From: gluten & grains, starches, dairy, eggs, and refined sugars}

How to make baked pistachio custard

BAKED PISTACHIO CUSTARD RECIPE Baked Pistachio Custard Recipe (#LC14173): This custard recipe with the flavour of pistachio is a delicious dessert which can be served cold or hot with Vanilla Ice cream. Get step by step photo recipe at

Peaches with Greek Yogurt, Honey and Pistachios Recipe

Now-ubiquitous Greek yogurt is a perfect healthy substitute for cream. And mixing it with honey is right up there in the pantheon of great pairings, alongside peanut butter and jelly. For this dish, slide peaches under the broiler, which helps bring out their natural sweetness, and serve them warm, covered in thick yogurt and floral-tasting honey. A smattering of crushed pistachios on top is the ideal finish.

Lychee Custard 1 tin Lychees or 15 fresh Lychees 3 tbsp Vanilla custard powder 4-5 tbsp Sugar 500 ml Milk 2 tbsp finely chopped Almonds 2 tbsp finely chopped Pistachios

crème au citron express Pour 4 petits pots : - 40 cl de crème entière liquide - 80 gr de sucre - 70 ml de jus de citron