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Majestic kingfisher enjoys taking a dip

Kingfisher swiftly & stealthfully swoops in on prey ~ master fisher!!! !!!absolutely superior photography!!!


Haunting time.

You are a ghost. No one can hear you, see you, or feel you. Recently, you've started to haunt a college student around your age. They'd be your best friend if you could only communicate, you're sure of it. And then, one day, they look up and ask you "why do you keep following me?"

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365 Happiness Project 2014 – Quote 11

I started my day yesterday with OT. It was time for a reevaluation and the news wasn't what I hoped to hear. My range of motion for straightening my arm isn't improving.  My bending range is...

Once you piss off a Taurus it's really hard to calm them down. The moment they feel that they have been wronged, it's game over

Selkirk Rex is a cat that originated in Montana in 1987, with a litter born to a rescued cat. The only unusually coated kitten in the litter was placed with breeder, Jeri Newman, who named her Miss DePesto. This little feline was then bred to a black Persian male, producing 3 Selkirk Rex 3 straight-haired kittens. All Selkirk Rex trace their ancestry back to the cat Miss DePesto. (info: wikipedia)

Fold back pop up Christmas bells Black white on Craftsuprint designed by Carol Dunne - These fold back cards have a pop-up inside to and an extra dimension. All straight lines to cut out and they are very easy to make but look stunning. This on is a Christmas design in black and white so you can colour it in or add bling and sparkle. The verse inside reads

After 15 plus years of friendship... I've finally had the real talk with a friend who was really my enemy and only hoped for my demise. It's amazing how they can run there mouths about you but as soon as you check them your a b@@@@... Moving forward in life. Weight lifted off. Even if I have no best friend/friend I'm better off with out a hater like her.

Print photos straight from your smartphone with this Polaroid Zip Photo Printer. Works with 2x3 Zink Film in full color for bright and fun sticky-back prints you can share with your friends - peel and stick your photo stickers wherever! Just download the Polaroid Zip app to edit and personalize photos with emojis, drawings, and more before printing with the simple push of a button. You can even share secret messages with your pics through personalised QR codes that only certain people can…