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#Cloud #computing is a network of servers; clubbed together to feed the computing need of multiple users; deployed in a dedicated data center. On the contrary, Content Delivery Network is also a group of servers, however, distributed in different locations to place the content in geographic proximity to the users.

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#Cloud #hosting is a collection of #virtual servers housed in data centers spread across different regions.Each #server is integrated with individual operating system, RAM, processor and bandwidth that can provide better data backup and security to its user.

It has been observed that #cloud #hosting platform endorses virtualization of IT infrastructure by enabling you to scale physical servers, networking, storage, firewalls and load balancing in several #data#centers deployed in different locations in real time with the support of a web based management console.

#Cloudcomputing connects remote servers to manage, process, and store data by using a simple internet connection, instead of procuring and deploying a physical server in an onsite location. According to a recent research conducted by Pentana, about 67% of the new software deployments are anticipated to be hybrid cloud and SaaS model by the end of the year 2014.

#Cloud is the cluster of servers, where your data gets copied to several servers automatically. Even when one of the servers encounter technical flaw, your workload gets automatically shifted to the other servers in the cluster. Therefore, neither you have to trouble yourself with the feeling of data disaster nor for data availability.

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Public cloud computing or cloud hosting refers to a computing model in which cloud services are provided to a professional user or an organization in a virtualised environment making use of a large number of physical servers spread across varied geographical locations. This virtualised environment is created by bringing together a large number of physical servers stored in data centres …

It is interesting to note that the surge in the number of cloud adopters has significantly increased the amount of traffic in the data center. If reports are to be believed, the data center alone would be embracing 69% of the #cloud traffic in the next two to three years.