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Plants add warmth and cozy to kitchen- design addict mom
What more to ask for?
Do you have any indoor or front door steps?? This would be amazing!!
man room. A good place to enjoy a pipe a whiskey and perhaps a book.
1234 or 5? One sofa styled 5 different ways! Im addicted to pillows and love changing it up every once and again! Have fun when styling your sofas with pillows that offer texture and color! Sofa is from @lampsplus  1st Styling: the pillow addict! More is more and thats totally me! 2nd Styling: elegant and on point. Still lots of pillows but def not overwhelming your sofa! 3rd Styling: keeping it at a minimum but still making an impact with color and pattern! 4th Styling: spreading them out…
Interior Design Styles: 8 Popular Types Explained
Your average living room…  No playstation needed, just a pipe, a smoking jacket and a Labrador and a P.G.Wodehouse book of course!  Jeeeves! Pour some tea, will you…
La Dolce Vita: Fabulous Room Friday 11.8.13