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Especially if the narcissist is the mother. I refer to this as conditioning. As a child, the narcissist conditions the child(ren) to not dare question her in public 1) Since she is clever at maintaining a front that she is a wonderful mother, with a smile on her face, she'll manage in a few short words to make her child look stupid and 2) Once in private, that child will pay dearly for having the audacity to speak up in the first place. The pain from some abuses can't be seen by the eye!!

So true about you..everything is about you....poor baby...

People of Integrity do not hide their reactions or opinions, they do not manipulate others through deception and they do not pretend.

Sounds familiar, I have just had everything that i have thought for years clarrified:) Thankyou to the person who post this!!

amen!!! and i got to live my dreams and find the right man so in yo face cheater!

SO very worth re-pinning over and over again! this is the absolute truth! never forget that it is a choice! selfishness and lack empathy. it is a learned behavior. generation after generation. maternal narcissism destroys families. no contact. greed. love those who love you.

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A review of Adyashanti’s book, Falling into Grace

Denial - a cheap, childish tactic to justify and continue lousy behaviour.

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Best photos of the week [50 photos]

Why do people feel the need to be always talking about Jack, no one ever expected him to improve as much as he is and for some reason they are annoyed by it

3/4 no contact A Help for narcissistic sociopath relationship survivors. So far the texts are "ohhh I miss you so much" or "can't wait until you write me back. Wanna see how my daughter is doing." Blah blah blah. Manipulative!

There is a particular sort of betrayal that is more insidious and equally corrosive to trust. In fact, this betrayal usually happens long before the other ones. I’m talking about the betrayal of disengagement. Of not caring. Of letting the connection go. Of not being willing to devote time and effort to the relationship.