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WIND. WIND is an animated short about the daily life of people living in a windy area who seem helplessly exposed to the weather. However, t...

Robert's Poloroids Maybe he has collages about each couple? Or a composite of each woman ("A Susan sort of Sarah, A Jenny-ish Joanne")?

10 magical Doctor Who designs you must see

Doctors 1-11 by Javi Castro

What if Tim Burton helped illustrate superheroes...

Artist Andrew Tarusov is a talented Russian living in Los Angeles. He works with art and animation and is a fan of pin-ups and comics. This collection of clever art draws inspiration from both and adds lots and lots of dark Tim Burton.

trippygif animated GIF

This stop motion video has been made by Dutch visual artist Rogier Wieland for Moleskine. These compact and colourful planners are the smallest in the Moleskine catalogue so far. They are about the same size as a pack of tissues.

"paint water", "painty wine" {kathleen*}

Rocket panda Some of these animated gifs are so good.

Purrcy Jackson and the Kittens of Olympus