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Southend cemetery covered in ghostly moth webs

Bird Dung Spider | Found in Asia from Indonesia to Japan. Its body is covered on blobs and warts look like fresh piece of bird excrement. It often produces a small thread of unit silk and sits on it, so that it looks like the white stains caused by bird droppings falling on to leaves. It also smells like poop becuase of camouflage look Bird dund crab spider is unoppetizing prey for most animals and it serves as a lure for the small, excrement loving insects are these spiders favorite prey.

The most important biology lesson I learned was the idea that all life forms are interdependent. Recently two events put me back in touch with this lesson, rekindling my awe of nature ...

SCARLET MINIVET lives in Asia. They feed on insects and nest high in the tree tops in a cup of woven sticks covered with spider webs for strength, they lay 2-3 spotted pale green eggs.