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Heyo! More morning drawings! Art my me @Iron Tooth

Heyo! Late night drawing and doodling. This is Mack. He is absolutely insane and is not mentally there. So watch out. art by me @Iron Tooth

I gave all my gemstones blank slates. Also I redesigned Dino tooth because WHAT WAS I THINKING WITH THE ORIGINAL ONE GOD `\(-_-)/' so ya. Anything that happened in any Rp basically never happened.

This is reeeeaaalllly old. I thought it was cute though so ya. Art by me @iron tooth.

This is Alva. She is the leader of that gang thing I mentioned before. Art by me &iron tooth

This is from me and Iron Tooth's art trade we did 3 days ago and I forgot to upload the drawing. Plus, can someone tag them?