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Hey you guys! This is a drawing yiu guys requested! Its is an oc from fairy tail named Alice, who is a dimond wizard. Like my drawings? Please follow me for more drawings! And write requests down below!! THANK YOU SO MUCH REQUESTERS!

Here is the request for Laura@ i did two drawings. Please tell me which one you like most. Please follow me for more art!!! Arigatou!!!

Any requests??? I would love to hear them! Please comment you r ideas and follow me for more of my Kawaii art! Arigatozaimashita!

This is a drawing of a blond teenage girl with pink highlights. Requested by Purinsesu@ hope you like it! And follow me for more kawaii art!

Hello again! This is a drawing i did in school in the back of my social studies book! I got really bored and drew this. Anyway if you haven't already, please write requests down below and Follow me for more drawings!

Hey guys! I know i keep saying comment down below but i only say so because sometimes i have nothing to draw. So i will be happy to recieve requests and suggestions i will try using them! Have fun looking!

A request for Lasette (haha that rymes) Hope u enjoy! ~Kawaii Otaku Club

Requested by Purinsesu@ hope you enjoy! Check out more art @ Kawaii Otaku Club@! Please follow me 4 more art! Thank u so much!!!!✌