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Make a sand angel on every beach I visit with picture so one day I can put them all up on the wall. Great convo starter

5 Things To Try This Month

the beach at Christmas.instead of a snow angel.a SAND angel. What an awesome idea!

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Westie doggie making sand angels OMG too cute!

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Beautiful bellydance picture dancing with sand!

Sand Angels Christmas Card.  Santa making sand angels!!!  What a great way to relax and enjoy the beautiful sand and beach!  Funny Santa Beach Christmas Card! #stonehousecards

Sand Angels Christmas Card

Santa making snow angels on the beach

*(◔◡◔)* Artistic terrier! "Spencer does this every chance he gets! I guess he's normal!"

Airedale making sand angels on the beach

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How To Make a Perfect Snow Angel

Snow Angel- I loved making them. This is a beautiful snow angel.

winnie the pooh gifs animations - Google Search

Winnie The Pooh adorable pooh snow angel

Sand and sea

Yes, peaceful, relaxing & quiet!