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Fresh Peach Chutney

Fresh Peach Chutney - serve over top pork chops or satisfy your beginner's appetite on cheese and crackers.

from Lulu the Baker

Kristan's Salsa (for Canning

Another Friday, another salsa recipe, but this one happens to be our favorite! A few summers ago, my friend Kristan and I both spent a weekend at our houses canning salsa. Mine was so-so–watery and thin, and decidedly lacking in punch and panache. Kristan’s salsa was sublime–chunky and colorful, and full of deep, vibrant flavors!... Read More »

This is the most amazing marinara sauce! This is what I spent all day canning and OMG it is AMAZING!!! SPCookieQueen: How To Can Marinara Sauce Using Fresh Tomatoes

from Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS

Nikki's Roma Fresca

Nikki's Roma Fresca | Looking for a delicious recipe for a fresh tomato salsa? Make this lacto-fermented salsa with vegetables from from the garden or found at the farmers market. Dip in your chips or use it to top steaks, chicken, fish or more. |