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Cam) Morning! *has the sweet smile on and looks happy* I-I um..n-nevermind...*laughs a little

Plz dont repin....i made this....cameron dallas selena gomez and hannah Montana

boo please!! @Cameron Daigle Daigle Daigle Dallas @cheryl ng ng Nash Grier @Matthew Addonizio Addonizio Addonizio Espinosa

im crying right now! @Taylor Caniff @Matthew Espinosa @Nash Grier @Cameron Dallas @Shawn Mendes

Whoever makes an edit with me and Cameron Dallas will get followed and a shout out!!!! Plz!!♥♥ just tag me in it♡

hayes Grier and @Cameron Daigle Daigle Daigle Dallas

2 adorable things <3 :) gotta love Cameron Dallas

Ryan Carroll on

Anytime some one says @ItsCamDallas is there hubby I'm like .. Move bitch get out the way ... U some crazy half baked walnut fuckers but I still love u all xoxo