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My #TeenChoice for #ChoiceYouTuber is @IISuperwomanII

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Its our girl LILLY SINGH(:  a.k.a SUPERWOMAN!

Hey guys, what's up? I'm Lilly and I'm super social and so I'd love to talk! I like to skate I like to go to the gym and I'm a head chef at a five star restaurant, (single)

iisuperwomanii aka lilly singh

Video: Karan Brar In Lilly Singh’s New Video February 2014

Sit and ignore the dope beats for a minute and really, deeply, reflect on the lyrics to these songs. She's got a point..... well actually, a lot of points. Gotta love Lilly. Thanks for keeping stuff real.

Voices by Lilly Singh (Girl Superwoman) Guys this is so uplifting and inspirational. Please watch

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She my hero bro❤️

iisuperwomanii the most amazing YouTube ever !!!!!!!!

iisuperwomanii the most amazing YouTube ever !!!!!!!!