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cocochan on

From our new dishes - Asian Mustard Beef Fillet Skewers! Tender meat marinated then char-grilled - totally yummy! (^_−)☆

In case you're wondering what this delicious looking dish is - it's the #LRF2015 special, Beef Short Ribs! Braised in spicy Szechuan broth, the meat is juicy & tender, served on the bed of sweet potato tempura! But it's only available till Halloween dinner time! (>_<) Book now via this link & try tonight (or tomorrow)!!! (^_−)☆

Angela Sam on

"Spider" Soft Shell Crab #Sushi Roll, #Duck & #Honey Melon #Salad, Snow Crab #Sushi Roll & #Cocktail - seems Angela chose wisely from our menu! Thanks for posting #fab pic @Twitter Inc.!

Hot & sunny #TastyTuesday making you wanna have BBQ? Why not enjoy delicious Char-Grilled Beef Bulgogi at @cocochanw1 instead, so you can sit back & relax under the sunshine with yummy dinner? (^_−)☆

Have a special occasions such as birthday or anniversary to celebrate in October? Our London Restaurant Festival menu will be the perfect choice for you! Take a look at this gorgeous beef short ribs, braised in spicy Szechuan broth for 24 hours, served on the bed of sweet potato tempura - the meat is so tender, can easily be eaten by chopsticks! Interested? Check this link to book now! -> ( ˘ ³˘)♥ #LRF2015


Beef Bulgogi looking super yummy! Thanks raz_7 for posting fab pic on Instagram!

On #MeatlessMonday? Try Grilled Tofu & Asparagus Skewers! Char-grilled & served with a drizzle of Teriyaki sauce, it's yummy & healthy! (^_−)☆


Grilled Tofu & Asparagus Skewers - Throated thick Tofu & young Asparagus, char-grilled then drizzled Teriyaki sauce. It's our new Vegan / Vegetarian dish - healthy yet tasty! (^_−)☆