Learn about food chains in a fun way! Read this post and play some fun games! For teachers and pupils in Key Stage 2!  In an ecosystem, plants and animals all rely on each other to live. Scientists sometimes describe this dependence using a food chain or a food web. Read on to find out more information and play som…

Here's an idea for creating a food chain on a ribbon. I like that the arrows show flow of energy.

Simplified Lesson how the food chain works

food chain lesson for ESL

Impact of ocean acidification on marine food webs

Ocean Food Web- Ocean acidification poses grave threats to Krill, plankton, shellfish and corals—the loss of which would impact nearly every ocean creature and shore bird. and ultimately us!

food web and food chain

phytoplankton in the oceanic food chain - Bing Images

A Food Chain is a model that shows how energy flows between Living things.

Fabulous Food Chains: Crash Course Kids by thecrashcourse: “Everyone eats, right? But how does that food get the energy to power you? In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks about the.

Pour garder l'idée du mobile, mais je ne trouve pas la chaîne alimentaire très claire comme ça.

Antarctic food chain craft but do it for plants bug etc


Farm Fresh Adventures: Poppins Book Nook ~ Beach and Ocean

Food Web Activity - http://susanevans.org/blog/food-web-activity/

Food Web Activity

Look at this exciting food web activity you can do with your biology students! All you need is a pile of plastic animals, a dark blue poster, string, a silver Sharpie marker, and tape.

Simple food chain activity

Simple food chain actvity

Simple food chain activity perfect for key stage 1 and key stage

Food Chains and Food Webs (C2, W3)

The Food Chain - Science

Food Chain Cut and Paste

week 4 - free Food Chain Cut and Paste

Ocean Food Chain | Worksheet | Education.com

Ocean Food Chain

Fourth Grade Life Science Worksheets: Ocean Food Chain

Here's a lesson food chains and webs with directions for making a food chain mobile.

Here's a lesson food chains and webs with directions for making a food chain mobile.

Step on it!  A life-sized food web

7 Ideas to Teach Ecosystems and Food Webs

A life-sized food web — The Science Penguin

Desert Food Chain

Food web in hot desert hot biome

This is a fun way to review food chains and get outside and moving. 70% of class are producers (green). They don’t feed on anyone and just try to stay alive by running away. 20% of class are 1st order consumers (herbivores blue). They can only eat the producers. 8% of the class are 2nd order consumers (carnivores - red) They can only feed on herbivores. 2% of the class (one person) are decomposers and they can get anyone. When out they report to teacher and given a new role.

Ecology Unit, Food Chains and Food Webs

A fun game for the outdoors. In your class you will have a range of learning types. As well as having the information written down it helps some children to learn it physically and can help commit it to their memory if they enjoy playing this game.