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This community helps me keep up to date with audio post production. This community also often posts a range of examples of interesting sound design related films and adverts.

Shaken - Winner of Best Sound This film was created in 168 hours. It's a great example of how in depth you can get into sound design in such a short time. The interesting subject of being in the midst of a tornado gave them a lot of space for creativity and interesting soundscapes and they managed to produce an interesting film.

Guitar String (E) | Royalty-Free Sound Effect The sound of a lone guitar string can be quite soothing and is an interesting way to break up scenes. I might consider using an array of single guitar notes to create an interesting ranges of sounds.

Some of the secrets behind movie sound effects. This is a link to an interesting site that shows you ways to make some really interesting 'classic' foley sounds with simple household items. An interesting read.

8 Tips for Making Your Film Sound Great from the Industry's Top Sound Designers and Execs. This is a link to a news article that sums up some of the more important points from a seminar of famous sound designers. I genuinely found it to be an interesting article and worth the read.

Working in Games: Sound Design at Pinewood Studios. Over time I've managed to develop quite an interest for Sound Design in video games. This video shows how people at Pinewood Studios work on both video games and film.

Freelance Sounds Mixers and Recordists. I was accepted into a closed group of freelance sound recordists just before the start of this film. This facebook group has been able to keep me up to date with interesting recording devices and also shows me how sounds recordists overcome general issues. I have learnt a huge range of things thanks to this FaceBook group.

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