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Sehun in a wolf onesie Ha. Ha. Wolf onesie. Wolf. Wolf by EXO. I wonder if this was meant to be a song reference

OMG. Sehun is really hot. I kenat.

GOSH I FINALLY FOUND THIS PIC ON THE INTERNET lol this is definitely the best pict in XOXO Korean Ver Album

Omg never seen this picture of Sehun before, he looks smokeing hot! Wau! <3

Omg. Okay this is sehun "tao..tao..let's make them cry and scream!!" Tao "okay let's do it!!!!!" Sehun "follow me!" -____- world's cutest maknaes. So done right now.

Hunhan-'We heard that Sehun smiles whenever someone mentions Luhan'

Hahahahah sehun looks so satisfied there as if saying "salute me people ~3~ ha ha das right kiddo i am the maknae now ha what u gonna do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

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Exo Memes and Scenarios - ● and i will be the one who ends your future

Exo Sehun Suho - sorry about the language