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Nice Pipe tatts

Tattoo flash - a claw pipe (and is it just me, or does that smoke look a bit like a tentacle?) LOVE the concept

Kustom♛King: Ace A

illustration ace of spades drawing painting outline black ink white playing cards boat kraken sea monster.

Homeward Nautical Arms

The topic of home sick and the motherland, in general, is rather popular. So, this Homeward Nautical Arms by Frej Lind are close to being a classical nautical

Compass and arrow. Love. But smaller. And not on my forearm.

39 Awesome Compass Tattoo Design Ideas

compass arrow tattoo could be cool if it wasn't super dark/bold/masculine, but I want to incorporate it with a cross design to signify that God is my compass.

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SAILOR TATTOOS Sailors have traditionally favored tattooing of their bodies. What we think of as “old school” tattoos were common, for the most part, only among sailors in the early half of the

Knock Out.

Love this tattoo idea Boxer Flapper Girl Tattoo Art. Tattooed boxer lady by Quyen Dinh


Zippo Lighter