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If you see the police…lmao

If You See Da Police Warn A Brother Hoodie Funny Parody Hooded Sweatshirt in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Men's Clothing, Sweats & Hoodies

Lost my Kha-kis

30 Things You Need to Know About Boston Before You Move There

I lost my khakis means means something totally different in Massachusetts. Car keys in a Boston accent. never got this until now and i cant stop laughing!

Many of these are actually true.... - Imgur

Funny pictures about Men vs. Women: The Eternal Battle. Oh, and cool pics about Men vs. Women: The Eternal Battle. Also, Men vs. Women: The Eternal Battle.

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I personally haven't shaved my legs in six months. Just could not care less! "Should you Shave your Legs?": A Flowchart This basically describes what every girl goes through


Laughing so hard. I can't wait to be an elementary school teacher. I kind of hope my students have this kind of sense of humor.

Seems legit

Panda researcher in China in panda disguise. A panda researcher in China wears panda costume to give mother-like feeling to a lonely baby panda who lost her mother.

Chris Rock-  the penguins of madagascar, groun ups (1&2), madagascar (1-3), you don't mess with the zohan, bee movie, the longest yeard, osmosis jones, leathal weapon 4, dr. dolittle,

Chris Rock on Gun Control. Ok, so bad language, but this made me laugh with all the gun control talk going on.

Y'know it's true.  Men just have this magical sense of confidence that makes them feel they're invincible.

Funny pictures about Why women live longer. Oh, and cool pics about Why women live longer. Also, Why women live longer.

be positieee

Stay positive, bro. Life is good. Men's T-Shirt - black

Not a morning person

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I don't understand their response... I'd be wondering why we aren't best friends.

Funny pictures about Finding Nemo. Oh, and cool pics about Finding Nemo. Also, Finding Nemo photos.

funny movie quotes | beasts of the southern wild reference

My morning except I have my phone plus husbands phone set 2 minutes apart for every alarm. Plus extra last minute wake up clock alarm.

The Defibrillator Toaster. My mom would be so annoyed… every morning I would run into the kitchen screaming “WE’RE LOSING THEM!!! BEEP BEEP BEEPBEEP BEEP! DON’T YOU DIE ON ME, DAMNIT!!!  NURSE, WE NEED 12 CC’S OF CREAM CHEESE, STAT!!!”    This is the best - oh my God:    He’s bread, Jim.    (Anyone get the Star Trek reference?)

The Defibrillator Toaster puns: "WERE LOSING THEM!" -"Nurse we need 12 CC's of cream cheese, stat!" -Time of deliciousness: A.M -If we dont restart his heart , hes toast! -"Daddys in a butter place now, kids.

Senior Picture Wins

Senior Picture Wins

Funny pictures about Senior Picture Wins. Oh, and cool pics about Senior Picture Wins. Also, Senior Picture Wins photos.

Ask Me About My Cat | HUMAN - I should get this and wear it to my piano lessons because my teacher always asks about the cats on my folders by saying "so cats?" except he's asked like 6 times.

Forget about current fashion trends, no outfit is complete without a few cat hairs! Give your cats lots of hugs and collect some cat hairs on this fashionable, funny and cute, cat shirt!