Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas Here is a yoga lesson with Yoga for TMJ, painful Jaw. We start with a short meditation, and then we start doing some yoga postures / asana's, that will focus to relax the neck, shoulders and head. we practice twisting postures and shoulderstand as well. Your body will feel nicely relaxed after this yoga class. For mor...

Suffer from migraines? Tip 2: Myofascial release for the Suboccipitals The Suboccipital muscles hold a lot of tension due to tightness in the neck resulting from bad posture. Soft tissue therapy can help reduce the tension and relaxing these muscles can reduce migraines and headaches as a result. Step 1: Lay down on supine (on your back) on a floor with your knees bent. Step 2: Use a tennis ball or a lacrosse ball for this release. #decousportschiro #bozeman

This quick technique for facial lymphatic drainage can slim the face and flush toxins from the body. Do it daily for a month and you will feel results!

Secret Detox Drink An all natural and healthy recipe that will Help your body burn fat, lose weight, fight diabetes.

muscle assisted shoulder stretches: tricep stretch, one arm over the head, both arms over the head, cow face yoga position, grab an elbow be...

subscapularis stretch this does wonders for tight neck and shoulders!

Morning Yoga - Yoga To Start Your Day! - YouTube

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50 Minutes Pilates Workout Class For Beginners

50 Minutes Pilates Workout Class For Beginners | Step By Step To Tone Yo...

Yoga to Release Neck & Shoulder Tension #yoga #health

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10 free at-home yoga workouts for busy moms

Looking for a way to build core body strength and posture while also reducing your stress levels, but can't seem to find the time? No problem! This collection of 10 free at-home yoga workouts for busy moms is just what you need!