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Grilled Flutter Cheese Sammich by Wonder-Waffle.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Grilled Flutter Cheese Sammich by Wonder-Waffle.deviantart.com on @deviantART

They sure do! I took astronomy in high school (with most other Mormons in my class) just so I could get a head start on understanding how my future husband-God would build our solar system. Each one has its own Jesus, too- which I believed could be my son, if I was the one wife of God that birthed his Spirit. Polygamy is a requirement for Mormon heaven and therefore for becoming a God or Goddess. YAY!

Mormon Infographic, Do Mormons really believe they can get their own plantet?

by @Wilightning

Using Dialogue to Create Dimensional Characters - Kristen Lamb

Does science argue for or against God?

Does Science Argue for or against God? - Informative Prager University video arguing for the existence of God based on the extreme unlikelihood of the existence of ANYTHING according to the facts and figures, and based on the statements of scientists.

I'm so glad the Lord has a sense of humor, too, because I'm so sick of "WWJD" from smarmy people...

When some one say "what would Jesus do? Remind him that flipping over tables and chasing people with a whip is within the realm of possibilities. Also, chasing people out of a building.