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Russians told to shun 'stereotype' beach holidays abroad

Russia's tourism chief criticises fellow Russians for flocking to foreign beach resorts - but admits that he sold two Seychelles holiday homes this year.

12,12.13 - Tracked eagles continue to blaze trail for conservation - Eagles fitted with transmitters provide "GPS locations that are being used to improve management techniques....CCB will be working with federal and NGO partners to delineate eagle movement corridors ... that will be used in the siting of wind turbines. ... For birds, understanding how they move through the region is critical to reducing mortality."

Luxury Penthouse for sale in the cowboys city of Dallas!

Volcanic rocks resembling Roman concrete explain record uplift in Italian caldera

Fiber-reinforced rocks discovered at the site of Italy's dormant Campi Flegrei volcano are similar to a wonder-material used by the ancients to construct enduring structures such as the Pantheon, and may lead to improved construction materials.

War Eagle Visits Colorado Wind Facility To Help Protect Other Raptors

12.16.13 - The Center for Conservation Biology is working off Virginia's shore "surveying birds within the offshore lease area to better understand use of the area by birds. The surveys are being conducted with Tetra Tech (a global natural resource company) and the Virginia Aquarium." - Ned Brinkley (right) surveys seabirds while Fletcher Smith (left) records observations on a GPS-enabled tablet offshore of Virginia Beach.

Spirit the Eagle Helps to Stop Birds Getting Chopped by Wind Turbines

Eagle Helps,Wind Wildlife,Wind Turbines,Chopped,Natural Resources,The Eagles,Spirit

5 Kids Bedrooms You'll Be Totally Jealous Of

Modern Scandinavian inspired living room: Photography: Yazy Jo -

For the birds (and the bats): 8 ways wind power companies are trying to prevent deadly collisions

Wildlife researchers and industry are collaborating on new technologies and approaches — some proven, some experimental and even far-fetched.