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Explore Green Planets, Galactic Core and more! X-ray & Infrared Images of W44 Also known as G34.7-0.4 W44 is an expanding supernova remnant that is interacting with dense interstellar material that surrounds it. X-rays from Chandra (blue) show that hot gas fills the shell of the supernova remnant as it moves outward. Infrared observations from the Spitzer Space Telescope reveal the shell of the supernova remnant (green) as well as the molecular cloud (red) into which the supernova remnant is…

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"The first signs of global warming are now clearly visible. We urgently need to limit greenhouse gas emissions." Read more:

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29 Serious Ads with Strong Messages

The use of whitespace makes this ad much more powerful. The design is simple, yet strong, and captures the emotion behind the problem it's communicating.

É preciso preservar os recursos que se tem ao redor, e utiliza-los de forma #sustentavel e consciente. Sua pegada mais leve. the journey to the planets series The Green Planets 3"x3" post-it Art #daisukeokamoto #okainaimage #postit #postitart #planets #jorney #green #psychedelic #LA by okainaimage