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Pictured: The eerie, rusting 50-year-old ghost ships which are the only reminder that this desert used to be a sea

Ship in the former Aral Sea, in Uzbekistan. The rusting hulks have sat in the desert since the 1960s, when the Russians began diverting the water for irrigation

Personalised Drink Stirrers

Personalised Drink Stirrers. A delightful personalised stirrer, perfect for dinner parties, birthdays and weddings! The perfect personalised accessory to any drink!

Black Bow Jewellery Company : Popcorn and CZ Lariat Necklace in Sterling Silver, 17 Inch

Looking to give an extra special gift? This beautiful, personalised bar necklace from the Lisa Angel Jewellery Collection could be just what you need.This necklace can be personalised either with a hand-stamped personalisation or a machine engraved person

Beauty Can Be Cruelty-Free! Here’s How

Beauty can only be truly beautiful when it's cruelty-Free. [ARTICLE + LINK to LIST of cruelty-Free cosmetics, at the bottom of the article]

Animal Testing on Cosmetics and Household Products

You've heard the term, "beauty is pain." It is. The price of your fake beauty comes at the cost of THOUSANDS of animals lives. You better think again about the product you use before you buy them. Let's boycott animal testing.

Shocking posters in the 1950s show sexist and racist campaigns

Advertising campaigns promoted asbestos as an indestructible ‘magic mineral’. We now know that it is a potent carcinogen