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Explore Bath Abbey, Cardiff and more!

Breathtaking picture of a beautifully preserved Roman bath in Bath, England. I stood in this very spot in 1998. I can still remember the damp air on my skin and the interesting smell of the ancient water.

Bath, Somerset: The Thermae Bath Spa is fed by the area's natural hot springs. Charged with nutrients, the rooftop pool has spectacular views of this exquisite city.

Bath Abbey, Bath England. Wonderful place, Bath, for many cultural and aesthetic reasons, not least the quality of the busking on my visit today. It was outstanding.

Jacob's Ladder, Bath Abbey When Bishop Oliver King arrived in Bath in 1499 he found the Norman cathedral badly delapadated and had a dream in which angels were ascending and descending a ladder from heaven and a voice said: Let an olive establish the crown and a king restore the church