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But Praise the Lord God Almighty, the weapons He has given His Children to wage war against satan are not carnal, but mighty in pulling down the strongholds .


Don't be the devil's DJ. devil's got poor taste in music.

Heavy heart, I can hardly bare to see the people I care most about in pain.

Dear God, you know that my heart is heavy and I'm oh so tired.try to keep up with thing fulling others dreams its killing me.dear lord its time i live my own dreams.please help me.


12 Apostles had to be true believers in Christ to think He was worth dying for. Tell me again how hard it is for you to live all God's laws . The apostles certainly illustrate how far we have fallen from true devotion.

God you are in control. I will trust you to guide me and keep me protected.

A Prayer for When I Am Stressed

A Prayer for when I am stressed. This helps you out when your struggling and you just want to relax. This prayer can teach you how to stay away from stressed and just be happy.


Thank you God for closing doors Im not strong enough to close, and opening doors Im not strong enough to open ~~I Love Jesus Christ


There are never unanswered prayers. God answers in one of these three ways!

2 Peter 3:8    ....that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

You don't have to be afraid of the unknown. It is unknown only to you. God is well aware of where you are and of every step He is asking you to take. Don't be afraid of the unknown

A right to speak what we believe.

The Myth of Christian Discrimination in the LGBT Rights Movement

I stand with Phil Robertson. I stand with the Bible and what it teaches. I stand by God's laws. I am not here to judge you. only God can & will do that. (I am thankful that Phil is my neighbor here in West Monroe.

Who you are in Christ

Uplifting quotes from the Bible. You are. made in God's image. You are wonderfully made!

Thank You God for Your sacrifice.

"Devil says: "They're all mine" Jesus responds: "Over my dead body"" AMEN.

Help me choose my words wisely   https://www.facebook.com/crosscards/photos/10153195360772502

Dear Lord, help me choose my words wisely.Help me speak life into those around me today--to be a source of encouragement rather than discouragement, of hope rather than hurt, & of love rather than pain.

Holy Spirit, pour Your light into my heart...

The primary purpose of the miraculous gifts was to prove that the gospel was true and that the apostles were truly God’s messengers. "Are the miraculous gifts of the Spirit for today?