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1 in 3 adults are on the brink of diabetes but 90% of them don't know they're at risk | Daily Mail Online

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Nutritionist reveals the 'naughty' foods that are good for you

You would be forgiven for thinking duck fat and lard are unhealthy. But they, along with a slew of other 'naughty' foods, are surprisingly good for you, according to nutritionist Louise Cavanough.

New mums are more worried about snapping back into shape than their relationship | Daily Mail Online

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Are your sleeping habits putting you at risk of a stroke

Getting too few hours sleep raises levels of 'bad' cholesterol and lowers levels of 'good' cholesterol - raising the risk of heart disease and stroke, a study by the University of Helsinki found.

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Garlic slows ageing and protects the brain from disease, study reveals

When you brush your garlic, don’t throw away the white husk, and collect and store. This is a valuable tool for the extension of youth. To do this, on certain days of...

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Revealed... the top 10 fats to eat to LOSE weight

When eaten properly fat can be extremely beneficial, promoting metabolism and fat-burning, stimulating hormone production and aiding weight loss.

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Statins slash risk of death by cancer by slowing tumour growth rates

Experts say the evidence is overwhelming that, as well preventing heart attacks and strokes, statins can be effective at fighting cancer, following studies by Yale and Rutgers University in the U.S.