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Digitech Hardwire Supernatural Reverb

Digitech Supernatural Ambient Reverb The best Plate reverb you've ever heard from a pedal. The Supernatural seven reverbs from Shimme

Digitech XTF Turbo Flange 7mode Flanger Guitar Pedal >>> Click on the image for additional details.Note:It is affiliate link to Amazon. #commentteam

DigiTech X-Series Turbo Flange Stereo Flanger w/ 7 Different Flange Types, XTF

Digitech CabDryVR Dual Cabinet Simulator

Digitech CabDryVR Dual Cabinet Simulator

DigiTech CabDryVR Dual Cabinet Simulator Guitar Effects Pedal

Digitech Polara #Thomann

Digitech Polara

🎸 Digitech Polara B-Stock

HardWire HT-6 by HardWire. $99.95. You may be thinking... hey GearNuts, a tuner pedal is a tuner pedal, so why the heck are you so excited about this one? But we'll tell you... the DigiTech HardWire HT-6 Polyphonic Tuner is unlike any other tuner you've stomped on before! This baby supports full polyphonic tuning. Translation? Stomp on it, strum your guitar, and watch as the 90-LED display shows you exactly how close to pitch all 6 of your guitar's strings are...

Save even more on a gently used Tuners like the DigiTech Hardwire Series Polyphonic Pedal Tuner at Musician's Friend.

Digitech Time Bender

Detailed Product Information on Digitech Time Bender at www.

Digitech DOD Gunslinger Mosfet Distortion Effects Pedal

DOD Gunslinger Mosfet Distortion No matter what your style, the Digitech DOD Gunslinger distortion will fit right into your rig!

Digitech Whammy 5 Pitch Shifter

Digitech Whammy 5 Pitch Shifter

From the manufacturer:The legendary Whammy pedal is the premier pitch-shifting pedal for any guitarist's board, and it only gets better with time.

Digitech Luxe Anti-Chorus Polyphonic Detune Effect Pedal - LUXE-U

DigiTech Luxe - A Stand-Alone, Compact, Polyphonic Detune Pedal

Ibanez TS9DX turbo tube screamer, es la ultima version de los pedales de distorsion-overdrive mas clasicos de la historia. #musicheadstore #pedal #ibanez

Ibanez Turbo Tube Screamer Effects Pedal - Von Koreander's gear That´s the one i like.

TC Electronic Flashback Delay

TC Electronic Flashback Delay TonePrint Series Guitar Effects Pedal-Knocked my Ibanez delay off the pedal board because it is so flexible, though I think I might like the sound of the Ibanez a little more or I need to explore the toneprints more.