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Truth... Build each other up. Not tear each other down and constantly direspect one another.. Hurting each other will not help heal the relationship. Be w the one who thinks that you are wonderful.. Just the way u are...

The best relationships are the ones where you're both making each other better people. It doesn't make any sense to be in a relationship where you're constantly dragging each other down. Letting go is best.

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ive learned to appreciate and respect the pain i go through because i know that it will eventually stop tearing me down and will create foundation for me to build myself up.

Aprende a plantar tu propio jardín y decorar tu alma...

Una cita de Borges: Learn to plant your own garden and decorate your soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.

That's exactly how I'm living my life. When you look at me, understand that I'm not kept, I do the keeping.

So true! I rely on me.and if a Man is in my life it's because I want him there not need him to be there!

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