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According to some Native American myth. the raven was once a white bird with a beautiful singing voice. till it made such a selfless sacrifice for the benefit of mankind. It brought to man a flaming stick. In turn, the soot blackened its feathers. blistered its feet. and in breathing the smoke, ruined its voice forever. Here's to the raven and its sacrifice...

from the Guardian

In pictures: Atlas of Rare Birds by Dominic Couzens

White-rumped vultures were once a familiar sight in the cities of southern Asia, with a population numbering millions, but its numbers plummeted fast in the 1990s. It was discovered that an anti-inflammatory drug used to treat injured cattle was to blame. When the cattle died, the vultures would ingest the drug and suffer a slow, painful death

Dragonfly Macrophotography // via Loneoceans Photography, photo by Gao Guangyan pursuing an undergraduate degree MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more photos:

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Photo (It'sOnlyNatural by kathy)

Ambiance- Daisy is talking about her life with Gatsby five years ago and says: "One autumn night five years ago, they had been walking down the street when the leaves were falling... the quiet lights in the houses were humming out into the darkness..." (Fitzgerald 110) In this scene you can picture where Daisy and Gatsby are and their surroundings.

Susan Hannon’s lyrical, ten-foot wide sculptures of “wings” are crafted out of abandoned Bibles, giving new life to books invested with emotion and courting more than a bit of controversy for the artist:

Vulcan in flight. XH588 is the last flying Vulcan she is to be grounded in 2016 over safety fears.