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Another fascinating chapter challenges the origami technique by simply ...

Prof. Yoshinobu Miyamoto Concept for Structural and Construction System Tilted up half-circles: compression arches Red strings: tension cables A4 (297 x 210 mm Paper) Based on Villarceau Circles on Torus Florian Krautli


It’s 3D Printed, and It’s Flexible

3d-print by Digits2Widgets is made from rigid plastic, but is flexible and comfortable against the skin, due to it's smooth surface

設計摺學 - Google 搜尋

▶ How to "quickly" make an Origami Magic Ball - YouTube

Jeorge Polyscene has hundreds of folded styrene and paper pieces.

Designer and recent RCA grad Jule Waibel on Entfaltung - her latest thesis project consisting of collapsible structures using the origami technique.

In 2010, researchers developed a method where a sheet of composite material can self-fold when an electrical current is passed through it. In 2011, researchers were able to get a polymer sheet to shelf-fold when exposed to light.