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Ceramic Tea Light Shell

Ceramic Tea Light Shell by sinead o moore ceramics

Cup of Stationary Bits collected 'together'. Artist: Katharine Morlin

Jasmina Ajzenkol = All pieces are hand built using stoneware body. I like contrast between rough and smooth, glazed and textured clay surfaces. I combine the contrasting techniques of layering, distressing the surface of pots by scratching and carving into clay, and burnishing to create a three-dimensional texture using a series of different levels and depths encouraging the eye to move in, rather than bounce away. These are enhanced by the subsequent use of oxides and glazes.

"Sid the Terrier" by Georgina Warne (ceramic)

Ceramics by Kerry Hastings at - 2010

Akiko Hirai Apply glaze and then add glass or a marble to the bottom of the bowl. Fire according to the glaze specs. # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Kerry Hastings Ceramics These bowls have the appeal of a rock weathered in a stream, but with wonderful color!

Bowl by Robin Welch... color! registers of color that make a landscape to the eye.