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Flowers made out of plastic bottle lids !

Artistic Ways to Recycle Bottle Caps, Recycled Crafts for Kids

We made these awesome bottle cap flowers at our school sleepover last spring. The kids loved making them. SO easy, just a lot of prep between collecting *CLEAN* caps and drilling holes in them. A great recycled art project!


Heidi Borchers of Inspired at Home - Plastic bottle Lid Art - You do not need to spend a fortune on wall art, look around at what you have and create.

1 year of saving.  3 months of work.  Over 1000 lids

Lids Project in art with Recycled Green Creative Art: Creative Explorer Rodger Schultz had his willing friends mail him lids for an entire year. This is one of his recycled art pieces from his JacKson Pollock on Prozac Series.

I think I am going to make one of these for my next place

*** Bottle cap lampshade - Recycled craft you can even put old multi-colored Christmas lights in an old bottle and put the bottle caps on the bottle

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DIY Bottle Cap Flower Garden Art Stake It takes a little trial an error but all you do is take heavy duty pliers and smash the bottle caps into petal shapes and then epoxy or use a super glue rated for metal and attach to a can top in at least two circula

Water Bottle Flowers. These are so easy to make, and really fun to do! Simple wedding decor?!

Cut empty water bottles into flower shapes and spray paint. Wrap sturdy wire around mouth of bottle to create stem. Can be placed in a vase, bowl or even attached to a fence.

Flessen en doppen gerecycled  tot prachtige stieren- of koeienkop.

Made by South African artisans, using recycled materials (laundry soap bottles, milk bottle lids etc.) - trophy heads are big, maybe make look more realistic?


crafts-kids-recycle-bottle-caps-michelle-stitzlein — We have made some small projects and now we are saving our lids to get enough to make a yard sculpture —