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Where better to knock up a haiku than beneath the elegant bowers of a cherry tree? Image by Glenn Waters / Moment / Getty Images

The Pristine Piuva Tree Of Brazil.As if Brazil didn’t already have a lot to offer, how about adding a stunning purple tree to the mix?

Japan in Cherry Blossom Season | 22 Most Beautiful Places in the World

The 22 Most Beautiful Places in the World

JAPAN IN CHERRY BLOSSOM SEASON ¤¥¤ While Japan is beautiful year-round, the few weeks each spring when cherry trees across the country explode with blossoms is a particularly pretty time to visit.

I hope to take a walk here one day. Footpath to Grasmere, Lake District, England.

Footpath to Grasmere, Lake District, England. My sister and I walked here so many times :)

This a picture of a cherry blossom in the snow. This links into my theme of 'green' because in this picture the cherry blossom flowers are exactly the same as they are in other seasons but the only thing different is that there is snow on the plant.

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Fall my favorite time of year

Inspired By: Autumn

I love nature and my favourite season is fall. I love fall because it is so calming and pretty. It also helps that my birthday is in the fall.