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Afghanistan. Anonymous Copper Coinage. AE falus. Flower arrangement. Nice brown patina. Balk, 1228. KM-32, A-3184, xf, 8.61gm

Iran Nasir al Din Shah 1848-1896 (provisional issue 1264-1313) . 1/2 Toman provisional issue 1303 = 1886. KM 927. almost extremley fine Dealer T...

Turkey Abd al Aziz 1861-1876 (provisional issue 1277-1293) . Gold medal in 25 Quirsh SIZE. Provisional issue 1277, year 2 = 1862 Qustintiniyah. ext...

Bees were valuable before money was invented; they have been symbols on money from ancient to modern times.

The groat is the traditional name of a long-defunct English silver coin worth four English pence, and also a Scottish coin originally worth ...

Ottoman coin from the time of Suleiman the Magnificent

Jahangir Zodiac Coin

Eski paralar 1935 1951 2. emisyondaki madeni paralar

Indian Coins, Mughal. Nuruddin Jahangir , 1605-1627 AD, Gold Mohur (11.18 grams; 21.2 mm.), die-axis 1 o'clock. Obv. Water carrier (Aquarius) . A man seated right with pitcher over shrouder whence pours a stream of water, within double circles with dots between.