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from The Huffington Post

This Is Scary

A Sacramento-based mattress company’s decision to pull ads from Rush Limbaugh’s radio show after the host’s controversial comments on sex and birth control has generated headed debate on the company’s Facebook page.

The more you learn the more you'll see. Did you know that MLK family won a civil suit against the US government which admitted they were responsible for his assassination?

Some shocking results from the latest New York Times poll: For first time in 20 yrs of @nytimes poll, a majority of Americans opposes ban on assault weapons— Patrick J. Egan (@Patrick_J_Egan) December 11, 2015 It seems that President Obama's call for an assault weapons ban in his recent Oval Office address and the New York Times's front page editorial advocating that Americans be made to give up their guns had a significant impact on influencing…

Very rare Steiff Opossum `Billy Possum, circa 1910. (In 1909 William H. Taft became President of the USA; following Theodore Roosevelt. As Teddy Roosevelt had his adopted mascot, the Teddy Bear; Taft and his supporters adopted a Opossum called Billy. Rather amusingly, at a dinner to honour the new president held in Atlanta, `Opossum aux patates' - Opossum with sweet potatoes, was served! In the same year, in response, Steiff registered this design and he was made until 1914.)

from The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Friday Night Think Tank: Writing Under The Influence

Thank Zeus it’s Friday, Modern Philosophers! It has been a very trying week for the man in the toga, and I am relieved that I finally have the weekend to recover. Some weeks are simply harder…

The Federal Reserve is mobilizing against Sen. Rand Paul's increasingly popular effort to audit the central bank. “This is about interfering with the making of monetary policy. I respect the gentleman from Kentucky, but he’s wrong,” said Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Richard Fisher on Fox Business Monday evening. “We are audited out the wazoo. Fisher was one of several Fed officials to speak out Monday against Paul’s bill to have the Government Accountability Office audit the…

Angry Kellyanne Conway SNAPS at Chris Cuomo about Trump's Tweets. Incredible spin and blind opinion on a mysogenistic, racist, narcissistic, ill-informed, clueless, future president! I think it is troublesome and scary how much influence she might have on this naive man. Why is he skipping daily security briefings when he knows nothing about the office? What is so remarkable about the number of meetings he has had?