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Would be a good idea if he picked off the guy trying to cut the rope. The painting was on the cover of For Men Only magazine in January

"No ticket." ~Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade…

Men's Pulp Adventure Magazines MAN'S WORLD, Dec. 1957. Cover painting by John Leone

Startling Stories (1946-Spring) - The Disc-Men of Jupiter - Pulp Fiction Cover, Earle Bergey (1901-1952)

Adventures in Science Fiction Cover Art: Domed Cities of the Future, Part III

Journey to Mars by E.C. Tubb was published in 1954. This is a fast-moving, hard-hitting tale of the future, of rocket ships and the men who guide them across the wastes of space, of the perils and dangers waiting at every turn. A story which paints bright colours across the pages of unwritten history, and brings to life the lives of those yet unborn. - Città fantastiche

for men only pulp magazine

Modiphius announce DUST Adventures RPG

​DUST Adventures is a rules-light exciting roleplaying game set in Paolo Parente’s DUST Universe and inspired by the epic tales arising from the DUST Tactics miniatures game. We are releasing the...

Modiphius announce DUST Adventures RPG


James Whale's classic The Invisible Man features still-sharp special effects, loads of tension, a goofy sense of humor, and a memorable debut from Claude Rains. Rains, with his clear, sensitively inflected voice, was lucky: it made him a star. James Whale's 1933 film plays more like a British folk comedy than a horror movie; it's full of the same deft character twists that made his Bride of Frankenstein a classic.{R****

Margaret Brundage : Weird Tales, Mar. 1938