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Carry a Backpacking Boat Anchor I portage my canoe a lot, so I know how much precious room a heavy folding anchor takes up in my pack. But I also don’t always want to drift-fish. Solution: a basketball net. Tie off the bottom with a short piece of rope. When you need it, fill with a few large rocks, and tie off the other end with a drop line. I use poly rope because it’s a good general-purpose rope for around camp. --Joe Doss, Columbus, Ind.

|ॐ| Drifting out too far in a fishing competition, Felval and his friend Lum find their boat caught in a school of surfacing whales.

BIG TROUT LURK under cutbanks. There they sit like radar-equipped state troopers, perfectly positioned to nail any hapless wanderer that drifts past. These fish are not insect munchers; they’re cannibals that prey on smaller fish, and the best way to entice a strike is to offer them steak—an outsize fly that forces them to strike out of a territorial impulse. The wrinkle? Heavy tippets will spook these fish. You’ll need to downsize to 4X tippet, quite a trick with a big fly.

A plume of orange muck from a large mine waste spill in Colorado has drifted about 55 miles (90 kilometers) downriver and is closing in on New Mexico, prompting communities to take precautions until the sludge passes.