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True Freedom begins in the mind, and in time will manifest itself in the physical for everyone. After the Time of Governments.

That's an orthodox JEW. Stop the Zionist lies. Jerusalem belongs to Palestine..Jew, Christian, Muslim. NOT to occupying Zionists.

So true. Stop explaining yourself to those people. They'll never understand, because they don't WANT to understand. They just want to quantify you in ways that don't challenge/threaten their cozy status quo.

End of Zionism=Peace* Israel is the ONLY country we are not allowed to criticize, and writers who HATE the USA can have best sellers in NYC publishing, and Hollywood film deals...it is TIME the USA military woke up and asked WHY....

This is a picture I took in Tijuana of the Palestinian flag painted on the US/Mexico border wall. This is a visual manifestation of solidarity between Mexicans in the borderlands and Palestinians in Occupied Palestine and Israel.

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