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League of Legends - Katarina by KiraHokuten


This HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA Mavis Cosplay is So Good, It's Creepy



Punk Rave Buckle and Lace Up Wortex Trousers

from Etsy

Poison ivy arm cuff slave bracelet green fairy arm cuff whimsical woodland mother nature tree people

The poison ivy in this image is trapping the person's arm, which could symbolise how Gertrude is trapped my Claudius because she drinks the poison which is what kills her, and she cannot break free from dying, due to Claudius' actions.


10 INCREDIBLE beauty looks from Burning Man

Peinture + paillettes par dessus

from Cosmopolitan

These messed up Disney Princesses are what you need to be for Halloween

Makeup artist Shonagh Scott reimagined your favourite Disney princesses as victims of tragic events that were inspired by the original story lines. If that sounds creepy, that's because it is, but Halloween is creepy too, so it all kind of makes sense. Got to give it to her though: Her princess transformations are pretty spot-on and the gory makeup is disturbingly believable too.


12 Nail Hacks That Will Change The Way You Do Your Mani

Interesting effect. Black eye makeup with black contacts.

from POPSUGAR Beauty UK


Pin for Later: This Unexpected Item From Your Wardrobe Is the Key to Perfect Mermaid Makeup

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How to enlarge a sewing pattern with Powerpoint

Step by step tutorial on how to enlarge any sewing pattern with Microsoft PowerPoint. Resize any image you find in a book, or the internet, in a few steps!

from LARP Guide

Clothes Not Costume - Layering

Layering costume for fantasy LARP games can be tricky, but here's an example how some simple robes were put together.