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The Intricate Kosovar Wedding Paint

The Albanian Terbesh people of Kosovo who preside in Lubinje, a village at the foot of the Sharri mountains and very near to Prizren, have a...

Shkodër, Shkodra, Scutari, Skadar, Cкадар. Kostum femëror. Woman's costume. Costume féminin. Vestido femenino.

Malsi e madhe, 1958. Nord de l'Albanie, Norte de Albania, Northern Albania, 1958. Hollësi e një kostumi femëror malisor. Détail d'un costume féminin. Detalle de un vestido de mujer. by Only Tradition

Ismail Kadare (born January 28, 1936), a leading Albanian writer in a Tirana hotel weeks before his defection to France In 1990. Kadare claimed political asylum in France

Lifting the veil of a Kosovo bride. Lubinje brides of Kosovo are meticulously dressed and made up for their wedding day. It's done to ward off the "evil eye, and discourages gossip and speculation."

Kostume femërore beratase. Costumes féminins de la région de Berat, Albanie centrale. Women costumes from the Berat area, Albania.