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Ranvi comes out after his bath and calls out to Veera that he is very hungry. Before Veera can make anything for him, Gunjan rushes to the kitchen to cook. Veera sees her slogging in front of the gas and makes a plan.

Veera hands over Ratan a paper parchment with the dialogues she has to rattle off to Balwant. Ratan tells her that she is unable to muster the words but Veera tells her that she is a great lady who had once won the tractor race from all the villagers.

Anshuman is plagued by Pakhi’s claims of exuberant thanks and remembers the way she had tenderly kissed him in front of everybody at the skating rink. He rushes to get ready for his next date with her, and in her room, Pakhi smiles as she sees the picture sketched by the sketch artist. They have an online date on the laptop this time. Anshuman sprays perfume and Pakhi is about to do the same but she realizes that one doesn’t need to smell good on the laptop.

The unstoppable Rajinikanth!!! Even at the age of 63, the balding Tamil actor is still a megastar both on and off the screen, and continues to romance a bevy of beauties on screen.