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griseus: “ this is probably the first gif of a megamouth shark Megachasma pelagios. enjoy it also, is one of three recordings of this shy animal. As of 2012 only 55 megamouth individuals are known and...

Sperm Whale: They are protected virtually around the world. Depending on the area, they are either endangered or vulnerable to extinction. Japan has been known to violate the consensus of other countries in the past 15 years, since

Party Balloon Balloonfish on Calabas Reef, Bonaire. Shot on Kodachrome 64 film at night with 35-80mm zoom lens.

A simple blog filled with stuff I love. You will see a lot of great tattoos by artists I admire. I don't own any of the content unless specified. If something is yours and you'd like it removed, message me and I'd gladly do so. Hope you enjoy!

Banjo Shark / Fiddler Ray (Trygonorrhina) - ©Tony Brown (Rowland Cain)