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Water Lilies, Lotus

Floating Lotus

The lotus flower represents long life, honor, and good fortune. It is also a symbol of triumph and purity of heart and mind.

Stencils Koi Carp, Waterlily, Bamboo & water swirls

Create stunning Koi Carp Stencil feature murals with this 11 sheet theme pack containing two koi carp motifs, three water lily flower stencils and four bamboo and water swirls stencils.

Waterlilies Stencil Flower Stencils Waterlily Lotus Flowers

Create a restful decorative scheme with the Waterlilies Stencils, a beautiful flower stencil with elegant lotus flowers and large flat lily pads. Comes as a three sheet theme pack for use on wall sand fabrics in living areas, bedrooms and wet rooms.