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Id choose a view of the universe over a view with blue sky any day! Moraine Lake Alberta. @goalzero @hippytree @loweprobags by travisburkephotography

Underwater View

Your Eyes Aren't Playing Tricks, the Pixelated MahaNakhon Skyscraper is Now Thailand's Tallest

From a weekend camp next to that crystal blue beauty Lake Wildsee. Can't wait heading back to the swiss alps on friday. #roamswitzerland by hannes_becker

If you keep your eyes open there are new things to be found even in the most familiar places. While we knew there was a little red chapel somewhere in Yosemite Valley we'd never come across it before. But this time as we were driving through the park out jumped a splash of red in the otherwise monochrome landscape. It was right there on the side of the road hiding in plain view the whole time. All it took was seeing a familiar place in a new light. by freshoffthegrid

You will find many spectacular views in Parc Ela on the hike between Preda and Savognin. Preda // Graubünden // Switzerland // photo by @_remo_ #munichandthemountains by munichandthemountains

Wow this four year drought has really taken it's toll. It's crucial more than ever to get behind the ideal of making a 180 degree turn and trudging forward with a new way of living. Live simply. Minimize the necessity to consume. Regardless if this scene is directly related or not it's a stark reminder of the ever changing world that we do effect. #180DegreeSouthFilm #FunHogging #DougTompkins #LiveSimply #leaveabettertrace by andy_best