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First World Problems Cat - it really hurts me when you shut the bathroom door

First World Problems Cat - i wants belly rubs but only exactly 3 and then ill bite So true!

It's Only a Matter of Time...

"Cat carries a knife in it's mouth. She's been doing this all week with knives of varying sizes. Not sure how much time I have left." Been thinking about getting a cat I think not

Blogged: Fluffy Friday

Male models vs cat models (cats win, paws down)

Dis is mine now.

Oh crap, here he comes. Can I come in the box? No, you won't fit. You are too fat. I've been eating salad. The box isn't big enough. This box is plenty big. You are crushing me. I told you so.

I really don’t like you, vet…

Funny pictures about Cold hands. Oh, and cool pics about Cold hands. Also, Cold hands photos.


Just Some Dogs About to Sneeze

Funny pictures about Dogs about to sneeze. Oh, and cool pics about Dogs about to sneeze. Also, Dogs about to sneeze.

I don't know why but i cried hysterically for about 9 minutes after seeing this. That poor dog!!!

I love Tuna "Phteven" - the chi-doxie! I tell people all the time, "It's Steven with a 'v'" to spell my husband's name, so these "Phteven" memes are double hilarious to me!

best day

"That was the funniest joke I've ever heard"!

I love this picture! It makes me smile just thinking about it. And a friend who is a grade teacher is going to use it for her students to help cheer them on to the last of the school year!